Royston and District Local History Society


The Society organises a number of talks by experts in their field to which members and the public are invited. Every summer It also organises coach trips to palces which may be of intetest to members.

The Royston Institute built in 1855 and now Royston’s Town Hall where the Society meets.

2018-19 Season


January 3rd

The Causes of World War One

Why did the various European powers enter into the war which became a global conflict that was to destroy much of the old order? What part was played by the system of alliances and did they make war inevitable?

Don Chiswell

February 7th

Samuel Ryder, the Man Behind the Ryder Cup

Penny Thei

March 7th

Around the Financial Centre of the City of London

Ken Drake

April 4th

“The Majestic Age of the Ocean Liner"

Richard Mellor

May 9th

7.30 - Annual General Meeting
8.00 - Cambridge History on Your Computer: the Library on Your Laptop

Mike Petty

June 1st

Coach Outing

To Oliver Cromwell’s House and Ely Group Tours

2019-20 Season


October 3rd

Archaeological Excavation at Wimpole

Paddy Lambert

November 7th

“The Seven Deadly Sins (and a few lively virtues)”

The imagery used by the medieval Church to remind the laity of moral and religious teachings.

Dr Lynne Broughton

December 5th

‘Live Forever! The Mystery & Magic of Egyptian Hieroglyphs’

Nick da Costa


January 2nd

“Pomp and Circumstance”

Chloë Cockerill

February 6th

4 Inspirational Women

Damien Odell

March 5th

The History of Allotments

Kate Harwood

April 2nd

Stevenage: the first post-war New Town

Jo Ward

May 14th

7.30 p.m. – Annual General Meeting

8pm - ‘Letters Home - the story of Gertrude Bell’

A Travelling Theatre Presentation
Geoff Hales

The evening concludes with light refreshments.

June 6th

Coach Outing to Windsor

The Venue

The Heritage Hall
Town Hall
Melbourn Street

Meetings start at 8.00 pm